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AWIA symposium 2016

The 13th AWIA symposium will be held at Ghent University from September 29-30 2016!

Anéla Study Group Discourse Analyis (AWIA) and Symposium

The Anéla study group discourse analysis has been established in order to improve the contact between researchers in the field of discourse analysis. AWIA brings together researchers and students studying language use in interaction working with various approaches such as, but not limited to, conversation analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, and critical discourse analysis. Every two years, the study group organizes a two-day symposium.  The goal of this event is twofold; on the one hand, it is an informal and small-scale meeting that brings together scholars and students to get to know each other, and to create an opportunity for discussion and learning; on the other hand, it is an occasion to exchange research interests and topics between humanities and the social sciences.

Each symposium has one guest speaker who plays a central role during the symposium: the first day of the symposium is dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the work of our guest, on the second day the guest speaker is the primary respondent during the discussion of the papers presented by the other participants.

Wyke Stommel is chair of the AWIA association. For questions concerning AWIA (membership), you can send an email to: W.Stommel@let.ru.nl.

For comments or question concerning the symposium, please contact via email: awiasymposium2016@gmail.com


Past symposia:

2014 UU Utrecht
central speaker: Lorenza Mondada (University of Basel)
theme: Embodied interaction

2012 RuG Groningen
central speaker: Elizabeth Stokoe (Loughborough University)
theme: Applying Conversation Analysis

2010 VU Amsterdam
central speaker: Geoffrey Raymond  (University of California, Santa Barbara)
theme: ‘Interactie in institutionele settings’

2007 RuG Groningen
central speaker: Tanya Stivers (MPI Nijmegen)
theme: cultuur, moraliteit en interactie

2005 UU Utrecht
central speaker: Paul Drew  (York University), met Gail Jefferson als special guest
theme: bewust geen specifiek theme

2003 WU Wageningen
central speaker: Derek Edwards (Loughborough University)
theme: psychological categories as participants’ resources

2001 VU Amsterdam
central speaker: Charles Antaki  (Loughborough University)
theme: identity in talk

1999 RuG Groningen
central speaker: Jörg  Bergmann (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
theme: cultuur, moraliteit en interactie

1997 UFSiA Antwerpen
central speaker: Rodney Watson (University of Manchester)
theme: controversies over / in CA.

1996 UU Utrecht
central speaker: Doug Maynard  (Indiana University)
theme: methodology

1995 VU Amsterdam
central speaker: Anita Pomerantz (Temple University, Philadelphia)
theme: (didactische) toepasbaarheid van c.a.-onderzoek

1993 RuG Groningen
central speaker: Alan Firth (Aalborg)
theme: onderhandelen