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Multilingualism in education and society

Asset or apple of discord?


Friday October 18th 2019, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

(Hogeschool Utrecht)


Every year Anéla organizes a conference where members and other interested parties meet and present research on a specific topic. This year’s conference takes place on Friday October 18th at the Hogeschool Utrecht (HU). The conference is co-organized by the HU research groups Foreign Language Education, Literacy, and Deaf Studies.


Call for papers


The conference theme Multilingualism in education and society is a broad theme that covers (e.g.) topics related to language use, language education, language policy, and language attitudes. This theme is not free from value judgement, as shown, for example, by reactions to the KNAW report ‘Talen voor Nederland’ [Languages for the Netherlands], concerns about the Anglicization of Dutch higher education, and the current strain on Dutch as a school and academic subject. At the same time, we experience a growing openness towards and valorization of multilingualism in different educational contexts, and an increasing number of schools offering bilingual programs. How and where could the field of applied linguistics contribute to these questions?


We would like see to the broad spectrum of possible perspectives reflected in the conference program. The preliminary program strands are:


  • language acquisition and language use in multilingual contexts
  • pedagogical and didactic challenges concerning multilingual development
  • policy issues related to multilingualism in society


We welcome research proposals as well as more practice oriented presentations (e.g., by schools,  teacher educators, professional sectors, education inspectorate, school advisory services).

There are four different presentation formats:

  1. Presentations (30 minutes, including 10 minutes discussion) are meant for discussions of well advanced or finished research projects.
  2. Colloquia (in blocks of 90 minutes) consist of multiple presentations on a shared theme. The colloquium organizer(s) first send(s) in a proposal for the colloquium as a whole, including titles and author names of the presentations within the colloquium. Abstracts for the separate presentations only need to be sent in when the colloquium proposal is accepted.
  3. Posters (A0-format; when presenting a poster, presenters are expected to give a one minute ‘poster pitch’ to promote their poster) are a suitable option for one-on-one discussions of research in progress, or projects with data cut out for visual presentation.
  4. Show-and-tells (30 minutes) are meant to share/discuss innovative lesson ideas, good practices, questions, etc. concerning the conference theme.


When you want to contribute to the conference, please send in your abstract before June 10th 2019 (max. 300 words, plus max. 4 references; including a title and 4 keywords). Abstracts can either be written in Dutch or English, depending on the language you want to present in. Please use this online form to send in your proposal: Presenters need to register for the conference.

Conference proposals will be organized into thematically grouped (when possible), parallel sessions. Apart from these parallel sessions, the conference program will include two plenary sessions at the start and the end of the day.

Important dates


  • Deadline abstract submission: June 10th 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: August 1st 2019
  • Registration deadline presenters: September 1st 2019
  • Registration period: July 1st 2019 – September 27th 2019


Further information

Information about the conference (e.g., about plenary speakers, registration) will be made available through the Anéla-website ( For questions, please contact the organizing committee at


Organizing committee

Rick de Graaff (HU/UU), Maaike Hajer (HU), and Catherine van Beuningen (HU/HvA).