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Call for proposals

Anéla Applied Linguistics Conference 2018


The 9th Anéla conference will take place

·       Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of June 2018

in Hotel Zuiderduin (Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands)

We invite you to submit proposals for contributions in the form of a poster, presentation, paper or colloquium. The deadline for proposals is closed and was October 9, 2017.

Note for AILA executive Affiliates wishing to attend the conference, please send your abstract directly to

Posters (on A0 paper size) are intended for one-to-one discussion of research in early stages or for presenting research with data that are best presented visually.


Presentations are intended to discuss advanced or finished research, in time slots of: 20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion. NB: presenters who are part of a colloquium (see below) do not submit their abstracts themselves.


Papers are meant for discussing finished research with a discussant and an audience who have access to the full paper in advance. The researcher will give a 5 minute presentation, followed by a 25 minute peer-discussion.

To present a paper, please submit an abstract until October 2nd 2017. If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to develop it into an article (full paper) of max. 6000 words and send the article via e-mail to the conference organizers. Deadline full papers: February 26th 2018.


Colloquia (in 2-hour blocks) are used for discussing themes in applied linguistics and consist of several presentations. The convener of the colloquium sends in one abstract for the colloquium as a whole.

To propose a colloquium, only the convener submits an abstract detailing the topic and structure of the colloquium and listing the intended speakers until October 2nd 2017. If the abstract is accepted, the convener collects abstracts of the individual presentations and sends these via e-mail to the conference organizers. Deadline abstracts individual presentations: February 26th 2018.

Applied linguistics is here broadly defined as linguistics with an interest in social issues, and in the service of society.

We therefore welcome contributions from all areas of applied linguistics, including:

·       second language acquisition

·       variational sociolinguistics and dialectology

·       interactional sociolinguistics and conversation analysis

·       discourse analysis

·       cognitive linguistics

·       psycholinguistics

·       pragmatics

·       linguistic ethnography

·       interpreting and translation research

and dealing with a broad range of topics, including:

·       language and education

·       bilingualism and multilingualism

·       multilingual communication

·       intercultural communication

·       literacy

·       language planning and policy

·       language contact and change

·       language acquisition and attrition

·       language assessment

·       translation

·       computer mediated communication

·       globalization and language

·       diversity and inequality

Please do not hesitate to contact the conference organization at:

Looking forward to an inspiring conference!

The organizing committee:

·       Beppie van den Bogaerde (Amsterdam)

·       June Eyckmans (Gent)

·       Nivja de Jong (Leiden)

·       Maaike van Naerssen (Leiden)

·       Audrey Rousse-Malpat (Groningen)

·       Rasmus Steinkrauss (Groningen)

Time line

Oct 9 2017: submission abstracts (max 250 words) through:

Nov 13 2018: notification of acceptance

Additional deadlines for full papers:

o   Feb 26 2018: submission of article through

o   Mar 19 2018: notification of acceptance

Additional deadline for colloquia

o   Feb 26 2018: submission complete proposal with individual abstracts  through

June 1 and 2: Anéla Conference 2018