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AWIA symposium 2020

AWIA symposium

Het eerstvolgende AWIA symposium voor Nederlandse en Belgische onderzoekers en onderzoekers die werken met Nederlandstalige data vindt plaats op 29 en 30 oktober 2020 aan het Erasmus Medisch Centrum Rotterdam. Het thema is ‘Instruction and interaction’.

De key note zal worden gegeven door prof. Timothy Koschmann (Southern Illinois University). In zijn key note lezing zal hij met ons stilstaan bij de vraag ‘How is instructing made instructably instructive?’:

How is instructing made instructably instructive?

Timothy Koschmann

Southern Illinois University

When one speaks of inter-action, we allude to a concept, action, that is at once central to communication studies and yet one which eludes simple definition. Austen (1955) proposed that the uttering of a sentence can, at least in some cases, perform an action. Building on this idea, Schegloff (1995) and other early workers in CA sought to demonstrate that the action performed by a turn-at-talk is consequential for talk that follows (Levinson, 2013; Enfield & Sidnell, 2017). In this way, “courses of action” (Schegloff, 2007, p. 251) can be realized through sequences of turns. But this begs the question of just what we mean by action in the first place. One answer might be found in the writings of the American sociologist, Harold Garfinkel. In his later writing, Garfinkel (2002) devoted considerable attention to what he termed ‘Instructed Action’. I will argue that what he was advancing was a proposal for how social action could be studied. Following from this, if we take instructing, in its more pedestrian sense, to be a kind of recognizable action, how might we begin to answer the more practical question of how it is made instructably instructive?


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Past symposia:

2018 Radboud University Nijmegen
keynote speaker: Anssi Peräkylä (University of Helsinki)
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keynote speaker: Jack Sidnell (University of Toronto)
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2007 RuG Groningen
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2005 UU Utrecht
keynote speaker: Paul Drew  (York University), met Gail Jefferson als special guest
theme: bewust geen specifiek theme

2003 WU Wageningen
keynote speaker: Derek Edwards (Loughborough University)
theme: psychological categories as participants’ resources

2001 VU Amsterdam
keynote speaker: Charles Antaki  (Loughborough University)
theme: identity in talk

1999 RuG Groningen
keynote speaker: Jörg  Bergmann (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
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1997 UFSiA Antwerpen
keynote speaker: Rodney Watson (University of Manchester)
theme: controversies over / in CA.

1996 UU Utrecht
keynote speaker: Doug Maynard  (Indiana University)
theme: methodology

1995 VU Amsterdam
keynote speaker: Anita Pomerantz (Temple University, Philadelphia)
theme: (didactische) toepasbaarheid van c.a.-onderzoek

1993 RuG Groningen
keynote speaker: Alan Firth (Aalborg)
theme: onderhandelen